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AUTOREN (and their favourite chords)



Annika Sembritzki, Berlin, geboren 1981.
Neil Young – Harvest
REM – Automatic For The People
Bright Eyes – I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning


Bruce Springsteen – My Hometown
REM – Man On The Moon
Led Zeppelin – Battle Of Evermore


Bjφrn Ahrens, Hamburg, geboren 1972.
Kiss – Alive II
Metallica – Master Of Puppets
The Weakerthans – Left And Leaving


Morrissey – Trouble Loves Me
LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out
Depeche Mode – In Your Room


Daniel Vollstedt, Hannover, geboren 1979.
Kyuss – ...And The Circus Leaves Town
Nine Inch Nails – The Fragile
Neil Young – Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere


Turbonegro – Prince Of The Rodeo
Nine Inch Nails – I Do Not Want This
Johnny Cash – The Mercy Seat


Gero Dompke, Bad Pyrmont, geboren 1979.
Faith No More – Angel Dust
Portishead – Dummy
Type O Negative – October Rust


Dishwalla – Until I Wake Up
Pantera – I’m Broken
Portishead - Numb


Isabelle Hannemann, Hannover, geboren 1982.
The Cure – Seventeen Seconds


The Cure - A Forest
Nine Inch Nails – Dead Souls
Mrs. Mogatt - Ernte


Jakob Kirchheimer, Hannover, geboren 1980.
John Lee Hooker & Canned Heat – Hooker n Heat I&II
Tom Waits – Frank’s Wild Years
Nirvana – In Utero


Motφrhead – Ace Of Spades
Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues
Pattie Smith – Rock’n’Roll Nigger


Jens Ihnen, Hannover, geboren 1979.
Sepultura – Roots
Rage – XIII
Gov’t Mule – Dto.


Led Zeppelin – Nobody’s Fault But Mine
H-Blockx – Stars
Robert Johnson – Sweet Home Chicago


Johannes Weigel, Hannover, geboren 1971.
Tom Waits – Raindogs
Nick Cave – Murder Ballads
The Libertines – Dto.


Ben Harper – Burn To Shine
Iggy Pop - The Passenger
Mano Negra – Mala Vida


Marc Weber, Leichlingen, geboren 1982.
Radiohead – Kid A
Weezer – The Blue Album
The Notwist – Shrink


Brian Eno – By This River
Nick Drake – River Man
Bevis Frond – Stranger’s Mirror


Moritz Hoffmann, Bonn, geboren 1984.

The Paperbacks – An Episode Of Sparrows
The Weakerthans – Left And Leaving
Constantines – Tournament Of Hearts


The Paperbacks – Raise A Styrofoam Cup
The Weakerthans – Psalm For The Elks Lodge Last Call
Constantines – Soon Enough


Nina Heitele, Hamburg, geboren 1984.
Radiohead – OK Computer
Cursive – The Ugly Organ
Death Cab For Cutie – Transatlanticism


Death Cab For Cutie – We Looked Like Giants
I Am Kloot – Proof
The Smashing Pumpkins - Disarm


Tobias Soffner, Mόnchen, geboren 1981.
The Weakerthans – Left And Leaving
Television – Marquee Moon
Neil Young – On The Beach


Tom Waits – A Good Man Is Hard To Find
The Knife – From Off To On
The Flys – Love And A Molotow Cocktail


Yala Pierenkemper, Hannover, geboren 1980.
The Meteors – Psychobilly

Turbonegro – Apocalypse Dudes
The Smashing Pumpkins – Adore


Meret Becker – Zirkus
Johnny Cash – If Jesus Ever Loved A Woman
Masters Of Reality – Deep In The Hole